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SANITRON® Opens in New Window UV Water Purification System

The SANITRON® Opens in New Window UV Water Purification System is an efficient and cost-effective solution for purified water in hospitals. This system requires limited attention to operate. There is no danger of overdosing or undesirable reactions that can be associated with chemicals. No residues are left behind in UV water purification. Hospitals have many applications for which bacteria-free water is essential including but not limited to; Pathology Labs, Kidney Dialysis, Maternity Wards, Nurseries, and Operating Rooms.

Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems Create Bacteria-Free Water that Hospitals Demand

The overall advantage of the SANITRON® is its effectiveness. Virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to ultraviolet disinfection. The SANITRON® UV Water Purification System uses low pressure tubes that produce ultraviolet wavelengths lethal to microorganisms. The proper dose of UV light must directly strike the organism to destroy its DNA structure. The SANITRON® provides water flowing in the disinfection chamber with adequate germicidal dosage through a combination of exposure time and intensity of ultraviolet wavelengths. The exposure time is the total time it takes the water to flow through the disinfection chamber while exposed to the uv light.

Selecting the Correct UV Water Purification System for Microorganism Inactivation

Factors for hospitals to consider in selection of the correct uv water purification system include: kill rate goals, proper evaluation of water volume, and continuous or intermittent purification needs. Small and compact units that may be suitable in healthcare settings can operate between 120-1,200 gallons per hour. Larger units can provide 25,000 gallons per hour or more. SANITRON®  Model S5000C provides maximum flexibility for changing needs. Additional units can be easily added as the hospital’s process changes. Larger units can be configured in a parallel series with reserve chambers that provide system shut-down and replacement of individual components without service interruption.

Economical & Easy to Maintain

  • Hundreds of gallons purified for each penny of operation cost.
  • Lamps require little energy to operate and do not generate an abundance of heat.
  • The SANITRON® integrated features allow for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • UV lamp change and quartz sleeve cleanings (unique to the SANITRON® line) can occur without full system shut-down, keeping continuous purified water supplied.
  • No special training or tools are required for lamp change and maintenance.

Not all applications require a system monitor; however, optional monitors are available and can be viewed by downloading our Guardian Sentry Steralert Monitoring Sheet. These provide audible alert, system shut-down, or a combination of both depending on the hospital’s needs.

Made in the USA of type 316 stainless steel, the UV water treatment systems from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® are constructed of the highest quality materials and use germicidal ultraviolet lamps to purify water. The SANITRON® Ultraviolet Water Purifier has many optional accessories available, making it a flexible ultraviolet water purification system for any application. For more information on the SANITRON® Ultraviolet Water Purifier, visit our SANITRON® overview page.


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