High Intensity Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps

STER-L-RAY  ® High Intensity germicidal uv lamps are manufactured with a unique structure and large diameter quartz envelope which translates to more than twice the amount of ultraviolet output when compared to standard germicidal lamps of the same length. Available in Low Ozone and Ozone Producing versions.

High Intensity Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps


Low Ozone Ozone Producing Length (mm) Base
Face to Face
Lamps (Watts)(1) Approx. Lamp
Current (mA)
UV Output Total
Watts (2)
UV Output Microwatts
at 1 Meter (3)
Rated Lamp Life (Hours)
1146 110 38 48 420 10,000
1146 110 38 48 420 10,000

Other sizes are readily available. Custom lamp lengths can also be supplied. Please contact us for help with your needs.

(1) Wattage is lamp watts only and does not include ballast loss.
(2) Ultraviolet output at 254 nanometers at 100 hours and 80°F (approximate).
(3) Microwatts per square centimeter at one meter from lamp.
(4) Approximate ozone output in grams per hour under favorable conditions. Figures apply only to ozone producing types.

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