Bio-Logic® uv water purifiers
ArmorLite™ Safety Shield

The ArmorLite Safety Shield provides increased security for employees, products and work environments by eliminating the dangers associated with fragments of broken quartz and mercury contamination. ArmorLite protected lamps are available for use with any new or existing ultraviolet installation. 

Bio-Logic® uv water purifier
Crystal Clear™ Quartz Sleeves
Crystal Clear ™ high quality quartz sleeves are available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses, and in virtually any length. Standard and custom configurations are available. Can be supplied with open ends or with closed (test tube) end. Fire polishing and custom fabrication are available upon request. 
Minipure® ultraviolet water purifiers
The Zenith™ ultraviolet meter
  • Super sensitive, hand-held, ultraviolet meter, easy-to-read-levels.
  • Measures intensity of aging ultraviolet lamp radiation.
  • Surveys ultraviolet room air sanitizers to ensure safety of personnel.
  • Narrow uv band & photodiode makes the ZenithTM insensitive to ambient lighting.
Ultimate™ ultraviolet water purifiers
Guardian™ ultraviolet monitor
  • Monitors the intensity of germicidal ultraviolet energy, which penetrates the quartz sleeve and water within the disinfection chamber, while indicator lights and intensity meter provide visual indication of the ultraviolet intensity.
  • Detects reduction of ultraviolet intensity due to:
  • Fouling or deposits on quartz sleeve, poor uv transmission through water.
  • Depreciation of germicidal lamp, Lamp or power failure
Mighty Pure® ultraviolet water purifiers
Sentry™ safety sensor

The safety sensor provides constant visual monitoring of the water purifier’s ballast and germicidal lamp operation; indicator lights provide visual indication of ballast and germicidal lamp status. 

Sanitron® ultraviolet water purifiers
STERALERT™ Lamp Status Alarm

The lamp status alarm monitors visible light emitted through the sight port plug of the water purifier and activates an audible alarm when visible light falls below acceptable levels. 

Megatron® ultraviolet water disinfection
SENTINEL® Remote Indicator

The remote indicator monitors lamp operation of one, two, or four lamp ultraviolet units and comes standard with a 25-foot connector cord. Additional 25-foot extensions are available. The SENTINEL® Remote Indicator can be configured for use with a wide variety of germicidal ultraviolet fixtures. 

Infinity™ ultraviolet liquid disinfection
Élan™ stainless water filters

Élan stainless water filters out performs conventional filters because the outlets are located above the inlets, providing numerous advantages. Available in a diverse range of flows and variety of micron ratings. 

Tank Master™ uv tank
SureFlo™ flows control valves
A complete line of 1 gpm to 80 gpm, PVC and Type 304 Stainless Steel valves are available. SureFlo Flow Control Valves limit water flow to the rated capacity through the ultraviolet water purifier. 
Eco-Logic® pond and lake
Quantum™ thermal optimizer
Used to help regulate the water temperature inside the purifier’s chamber.
Optional Accessories – Water Units
Replacement Parts

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation have replacement parts for all their brands of equipment. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual supplied with your unit for the item number of the part you require or contact one of our Ultraviolet Application Specialist to assist with your purchase. 

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